In the Land of Shattered Windows
In the Land of Shattered Windows
Young Voices from a Broken Yemen

The opposed Yemeni to the intervention of Saudi Arabia in Yemen

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Khalida Al-Nasiry


Shall I walk behind the bars of hopes
So that I uproot the rest of the wreckage of death and sorrows?
For in my country the truth and humanity die
By the hands of a barbaric world.
Who will ever bemoan you, oh my country,
And everyone is drenched with filth,
Seeking only his/her wrapped interests
And claiming to be the protector?

I can look for my country
Away from your intervention,
Away from your guardianship.
For my heart is in pain
Because of the events in my country.
The dress of our joy was ripped off,
And the fear is prattling
In the joints of my homeland.

We are fed up with every fool
Who ruined the bonds of our unity.
I can say “enough!”
Oh the land of “Hejaz” [i.e. Saudi Arabia], enough!
We got tired of your persistence.
Oh you who set the fire
In the heart of the country!
When will you cease your storms?
The killing of innocent people is prohibited,
It [people’s life] is sacred like the house of your creator [the Kaaba].
Get Yemen out of your dark mind, 

[Yemen] which is suffering from your intervention!
From the past till now
You have been arrogantly tormenting it [Yemen].
Are the blades of idiocy scavenging from [our] pain without knowing  That God exists,
And that He will end the aggression,
On the heart of the Arabia Felix [Yemen] without pain?
For the blood of free people is that which is boiling. 
Oh you who have become allies!
The feathers of your wrongdoing are falling off,
And your endeavours will not succeed.
My country is a growing revolution,
In its hands rests a sleeping lava
That will burn your eyes.
Oh you who have conspired
So that the dreams in my country never flower!
They [the dreams] will grow during your oblivion
For I have a homeland that embraces a bird’s heart
That is tweeting cheerfully in the eyes of the dawn.
It [the bird]will plant its beautiful melody in the gardens of optimism
And will engrave flowers of its splendour on the hearts of the patient
Tomorrow the “land of two heavens” [i.e. Yemen as known in the Quran] will celebrate us,
Because the God of truth knows,
He will take away everyone who has ravaged the pulse of love in our blood,
And my homeland shall shine again with rights despite all the
oppression and the tribulations.

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Khalida Al-Nasiry


The chains of injustice have cried out,
And that heart is complaining
From the loneliness of its silence,
So it [the heart] went on gnawing at the fear, oh sadness!
Flirting with its voice that forcibly disappeared
In its dispersion,
For the sword of oppression is sharp and deadly.
And an executioner roaming in his own mind until he falls asleep
Not recognizing  the death that was threatening
Oh friend of silence! My country has been robbed,
And surrounded by bitter darkness.
And our dignity has crumbled. 

Do you know that the land of humiliation is dumb,
And it had collapsed over those who cried out?

 Do you know that we have always lived on it
without luxuries,
And our words are now dying in its hand?

 We have a home that is groaning and hoping,
In the face of this hostility,
when will its forgotten wound ever be treated?

We have pain and poisonous thoughts,
And hunger that crushes what is coming,
And we have pens and inkwells without a purpose.

And in these pains I have my own battles,
And poems hurriedly escape  from my body,
Broadcasting dreams
Which reflect my obsession with a revelation.

Why were our principles stolen, and why were our minarets taken
Why the food of hungry people has vanished,
And our honour has been slaughtered?

 My country has fallen
At the heart of exhausted people,
And it has been buried in the wasteland.
Our feelings have not risen up,
They threw it [my country] in a prison of sadness
While we are silently blamed for the losses. 
Who will ever save us?

 The wind is straining the days of a thousand detainees,
It is killing the pulse of the virtue in the spirit of hope,
It is killing Yemen. 
Aren’t you sad friend of words?
Our inkwells have been broken,
And we have become vulnerable to storms
That reside inside us.

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Silence Is A disgrace

Khalida Al-Nasiry


We are being killed by a terrible death,
And our souls have become cheaper.
Our bloodshed permitted in the name of the law of
In which faith were their deeds  justified?
The face of words is torn apart during this clumsy
How cheap is the human being in a homeland
That is dragging a blind policy of making flowers
A tool of war!?
Silence is a disgrace! Oh you! The travellers in the path of silence.
All windows have shattered,
And now only conspiracies are overlooking our
In light of the interference in our country’s affairs.
Oh allies! Enough of killing and obliterating our civilization!
Your hatred has destroyed the beautiful face of my homeland.

Oh you! Whose hands messed with this nation,
There is a volcano about to erupt now. 
We are tired of starvation, as the rest of us are feeding from the debris of tears,
And sadness is deeply linked to the wound
Ranting in the horizon of my pain.
The eyes of dawn have disappeared, and the cursed hatred continues
its siege.
The chains of evil cannot be broken by poetry,
I will certainly knock down the corners of my enemies,
And the injustice in my homeland will not last long.
The pulse of my heart will tweet with dreams,
And the blood of those who have been killed will make a revolution,
A white revolution that will rise up against those who infringed the
Against those who went so far in their aggression.
The pulse [of my heart] is always linked to the rope of God,
And my determination will seek only Him
To get my people out of all calamities,
And to defeat the enemies of my country. 

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